ACADC offers dual credentials - the CDAAC Christian Certificate and RAS State Approved Certificate.

This provides a well-rounded and comprehensive approach in preparing to work in the field of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Recovery!

Are you seeking a professional certificate to enable you to work in the field of drug and alcohol recovery, but desire to do so from a Christian perspective? ACADC holds the solution and all the requirements to set you on the course to success, without compromising your belief systems.

ACADC teaches all the necessary 155 hours required to qualify for the RAS exam. The RAS will provide the state-certification necessary to be professionally qualified to work in the professional field of alcohol and drug recovery.

The RAS is a Nationally Accredited (NCCA)
State Authorized (ADP) Certification
ACADC is an approved education provider for NAADAC and is a 
BIA Accredited education provider

CDAAC Christian Certificate 
ADADC has been a recognized education provider. Our certificate assures employers that a solid Christian education has been provided in addition to the state requirement. This goes ABOVE and BEYOND the baseline curriculum, and prepares students with a biblical worldview of addiction. The CDAAC has a progressive set of certificates that can be obtained through the different criteria explained.

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